RPG Circus Season 2 Episode 5 - These Are Not The Figures You Are Looking For

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Another great episode

Thanks a ton for the mention; I got to geek out because I love your guy's show! Keep up the good work hope to be giving you guys allot more M20 goodness.

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I only listened to half so

I only listened to half so far, really liked the interview. What were you saying people are complaining about, the "bumpers"? Is that the Circus music interludes? I like them. It's RPG =circus=, right? I think the problem is though they cut off too abruptly. Maybe a fade out would be less jarring? But what do I know.

I thought the surprise of Mark opening the new game was great. I wanted to hear more.

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Yes, That was rather neat of Mark.

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Some of it is the music, some of it is the fade. Some of it is my voice. I'm just trying to keep an open mind and ask for help.

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